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Trend following Wilder’s RSI trendline breaks

Since my last blog post regarding Fibonacci Extensions for profit targets, I have received some great feedback, so I would like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to read it. In this post I will be […]

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Using Fibs for profit targets

First of all I would like to say I hope I can do the blog justice in Nicole Elliott’s absence as I have immensely enjoyed her posts so far, secondly I wanted to post something in this blog that I […]

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Colouring candles: Conventions and perception

In the olden days charts were kept by hand. Graph paper was usually white, though sometimes pale green was preferred as it is said to be easier on the eye. Sharpened pencils at the ready the working day started and […]

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Seasonality: Does it really exist?

With the British summer social season at full tilt – Queen’s and Ascot this week, Chelsea and Epsom earlier – I was thinking of how this affects markets. Personally I have never been a great one for cycles, agricultural, Fibonacci […]

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Poisonous behaviour: Fund managers are subject to this

So said Dr Keith Anderson yesterday at the STA’s monthly meeting in London. An interesting talk based on lectures given to third year students in finance at York University – and it showed. Perfect timing, good clear slides, lots of […]

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The element of surprise: Can technical analysis help?

This week the euro rallied five US cents in 65 hours, despite on-going Greek drama, and all too many financial analysts were stumped, slaughtered, and lost for words. I have been wondering whether technical analysis can help in predicting surprise, […]

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Media hones headlines: Because they sell

In a week where the Shanghai Composite Index lost 10 per cent of face value in just two days, cries of ‘tears’, and ‘I told you so’ abound. There is also an element of schadenfreude as these same writers didn’t […]

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Tops and bottoms – Which is which?

In a week when Britain saw deflation for the first time in 55 years, and too many European government bonds yield less than nothing, one begins to question one’s sanity in this topsy turvy world. It set me thinking about […]

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A farmer allocates assets

Gerry Celaya, describing himself as a small Aberdeenshire sheep farmer, addressed the STA at May’s monthly meeting yesterday. Needless to say Gerry, who used to be a board member of the Society, is no ordinary farmer with a BA and […]

Polling and reality: What do they know?

Walking back from my local polling station today, determined to say my piece in the most unusual and unpredictable British election in living memory, I started thinking about opinion polls. Dictionary definitions of ‘poll’ include: The process of voting in […]

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Technical Analysis in a negative world: Who pays who?

Once upon a time life was easy. If you were a ‘good’ person you saved money, deposited at a bank that you trusted, it would earn interest and then, with a bit of luck, you could buy the big-ticket item […]

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The Technical Analyst Awards 2015

The Technical Analyst Awards ceremony was held last Thursday night for the seventh year running at Le Meriden Piccadilly. Several well known people from the industry were there, including Axel Rudolph, chairman of the STA, Deborah Owen, head of education, […]

Thinking in ratios – Untangling price moves

Media wants attention and like any spoilt child, the beast will do anything to get it. So business headlines scream at us with emotive words like ‘slump’, ‘soar’, ‘crisis’ and ‘opportunity’. It’s difficult not to get swept up in it […]

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Julien Camberlin – a famous Belgian – Speaks to STA members on the 14th April

Famous Belgians are as rare as hen’s teeth, so we are being a little facetious here. His excellent, well-timed talk, with clear slides, on a challenging subject, this Namur resident Julien Camberlin (MFTA, CFTe and CEWA Level 1) was ‘worth […]

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Designing Great Visualizations – Tableau® software

Sometimes, only rarely, does one come across something that is, as the kids would say, ‘awesome’. Being a visual sort of person, which I think most technical analysts must be, I recently came across this site and it reminded me […]

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The STA take on the JPMorgan Corporate Challenge

Roll up! Sign up! Don’t be frightened by all the big blokes. This really is a fun run which raises money for Cancer Research UK. For the first time ever the STA has entered a team, one of hundreds of […]

Three-D printing – Been there, done that

You will have probably heard of the great new technological leap forward that is the ability to print in three dimensions. Not only will we eventually be able to make body part replacements, but I have been warned that the […]

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Are Technical Analysts a breed apart? Find out with Doctor Dementia’s Test

We are used to dealing with bars, candles and clouds. Points and figures, ratios and angles. But let’s see how we fare when letters and numbers out of order. Try reading this aloud; be warned, only a few can do […]

Trending over the very long term – Secular trends and ruminations

Trading the wholesale markets for the last 35 years, I have been thinking about the changes I have seen.

Most obvious of course is technology, the advent of computing power revolutionising the way we technical analysts work, the quantity of data we can deal with, and the choices we have available to us. Not forgetting search engines so that we can quickly double-check details we have forgotten and theories we are a bit flaky on. I find Wikipedia and invaluable when unsure of which parameter is the default for a particular analysis – and so on.

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Too many moving averages? And many moving parts

A long, long, time ago, I can still remember – when moving averages were plain and simple. Nothing weighted or exponential, dynamic or otherwise (nowadays considered moribund perhaps). Traders used to use 10 and 20 day moving average crossovers to generate buy and sell signals; fund managers, who had time on their side, opted for 50 and 200 day ones, again only crossovers.

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