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The STA is affiliated with The International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), which is the global organisation of technical analysis societies and associations. IFTA is an international non-profit professional organisation with member societies in more than 26 countries.

The STA’s qualifications are recognised by IFTA. IFTA provides a worldwide Professional Technical Analysts certification, called CFTe I and CFTe II as well as the Master of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA).

The STA’s Diploma (Levels 1 and 2) certification is identical to IFTA’s CFTe II.

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IFTA2014 Conference

27th Annual Conference
9-11 October 2014
The Waldorf Hilton Hotel, London

The IFTA 2014 Conference was a resounding success, in terms of the investment themes it covered, key note speakers and the high number of attendees.

Learn about the latest research in behavioural finance and technical analysis as if you had been at the event. Browse our favourite videos or run through the whole three days of the conference in chronological order. Listen to the experiences of your peers and their opinions on the benefits of the conference. Every lecture and panel discussion has something of interest for both novices and professionals alike.

Watch the video summary of the 27th International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) Conference which the STA hosted for the third time in London. It is just one of the many benefits STA members have access to.

Highlights from the IFTA 2014 Conference

by STA

The London Presentations

Day One – Thursday 9th October 2014

Speakers Presentation Title Video & Downloads

Deborah Owen FSTA
Vice Chairperson and Head of Education, STA

Unravelling the DNA of the financial markets
The IFTA 2014 Conference organiser explains the idea behind the theme “Unravelling the DNA of the Markets.”

Watch video

Dr. Marcus Du Sautoy OBE
University of Oxford

Keynote address: How numbers and patterns rule our universe
Professor Marcus du Sautoy reveals a hidden numerical code that underpins all nature. A code that has the power to explain everything, from the numbers and shapes we see all around us to the rules that govern our own lives.

Watch video
Download presentation (17.5Mb)

David Sneddon MSTA
Managing Director, Credit Suisse

Deciphering market trends: Practical applications of pattern and ratio analysis
Mr Sneddon shows how Dr Marcus du Sautoy’s theories can be put into practice. He illustrates how he uses pattern and ratio analysis in his work.

Watch video
Download presentation (2.4Mb)

David Kedmey
President & Co – Founder, Eidosearch

The application of pattern search technology in finance
David Kedmey looks at the best ways to use this valuable technique and how you can improve the way that you use it to trade.

Watch video
Download presentation (1.2Mb)

Aurélia Gerber
Director, Bank J. Safra Sarasin

Dr. Marcus Du Sautoy OBE
University of Oxford

David Sneddon MSTA
Managing Director, Credit Suisse

Jeff Hochman
Director of Technical Strategy, Fidelity Worldwide Investment

Panel session: Understanding risk
Understanding risk – the panel discuss different aspects of market and investment risk and how to best address it.

Watch video

Day Two – Friday 10th October 2014

Speakers Presentation Title Video & Downloads

Richard Taffler
Professor of Finance, University of Warwick

Behavioural Economics/Finance
Professor Richard Taffler, an authority on behavioural finance, discusses how cognitive biases often lead to systematic deviations from a standard of rationality or good judgement. He also explains how a better understanding of these heuristics and of the biases to which they lead could improve judgements and decisions in situations of uncertainty, such as prevalent in financial markets.

Watch video
Download presentation (288.5Kb)

Larry M. Berman
Co-Founder, ETF Capital Management and The Independent Investor Institute

Behavioural finance related to financial markets
In this presentation Larry Berman from ETF Capital Management covers how investors think about investing and why every trader is different. Understanding who you are as a trader will improve your effectiveness. For example, not all traders will be able to trade the Elliott Wave Theory or short-term swing trading because they are not wired to think that way while others will be very successful at it.

Watch video
Download presentation (4.4Mb)

John J. Murphy
Chief Technical Analyst, Stockcharts.com

Trading with intermarket analysis
John J Murphy, author of the seminal ‘Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets,’ discusses trading with intermarket analysis.

Watch video
Download presentation (2.0Mb)

Robin Mesch
President, Robin Mesch Associates

Reading the language of the market with market profile
Robin Mesch takes an in-depth look at the latest techniques in the application of Market Profile and how it can improve your trading strategies.

Watch video
Download presentation (8.5Mb)

Cyril Baudrillart
Senior Investment Advisor, BBSP

How to avoid black swans with point & figure charts
In this presentation Mr Baudrillart demonstrates how Point & Figure charts can help investors avoid fat tail event.

Watch video
Download presentation (2.7Mb)

Dr. Hank Pruden
Professor, School of Business, Golden Gate University

Feng Han
Head of Technical Research in Asia, Fidelity

Masaaki Yamada
Financial Engineer, Tokai Tokyo Securities Co Ltd.

Christopher Grafton
Head of Technical Analysis, Advanced Research Japan

Power hour: Focus on Japan
The panel present the latest research on Heikin-Ashi, the BPV Ratio Indicator and Hurst Cycles.

Watch video
Download presentation (2.0Mb)

Robin Wilkin
Senior Director, Lloyds Bank

Elliott Wave: From text book to trading floor
Robin Wilkin addresses the application of the Elliott Wave Principle and how to use it to your best advantage.

Watch video
Download presentation (1.1Mb)

Day Three – Saturday 11th October 2014

Speakers Presentation Title Video & Downloads

Tony Plummer FSTA
Helmsman Economics Ltd

Neuroscience of trading
Tony Plummer explains how the brain and body co-evolved and that the ‘mind‘ involves the brain and the body. He then goes on to talk about Prospect Theory and how to neutralise it, followed by discussing the implications of neural networks.

Watch video
Download presentation (533.4Kb)

Adam Sorab
Head of Technical Research, CQS

Nicole Elliott
Investors’ Chronicle

Valérie Gastaldy
Founding Partner, Day by day

Nick Glydon
Co-Founder, Redburn Partners

During the ‘Power Hour – The chart most likely to…
The panel show their favourite charts and discuss their technical outlooks on certain financial markets.

Watch video
Download presentation (2.3Mb)

Giorgos Siligardos
Financial Software Developer

Algorithmic identification of chart patterns
Dr Siligardos talks about three academic approaches which can be used to identify chart patterns in financial markets. He then goes on to demonstrate how he developed algorithms for chart pattern identification and shows the statistics of one of his algorithms going back to 1982.

Watch video
Download presentation (391.8Kb)

Robert R. Prechter, Jr
President, Elliott Wave International

Socionomic theory: A foundation for technical analysis
In this talk Robert Prechter presents his alternative to the Efficient Market Hypothesis.

Watch video
Download presentation (5.6Mb)

Please Note:
All videos, slide presentations and other material are copyright to the Society of Technical Analysts 2014 and may not be reproduced other than for individual personal use without specific permission from the society. Nothing in these videos or slide presentations constitutes advice. These videos or slide presentations may have been prepared some time ago. Specialist advice should be taken in relation to specific circumstances. No warranty, express or implied, is given as to its accuracy and we do not accept any liability for error or omission in the information contained in these videos or slide presentations. We shall not be liable for any damage (including, without limitation, damage for loss of business or loss of profits) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from any action or decision taken as a result of viewing these videos or slide presentations. The views expressed in these videos or slide presentations do not necessarily reflect the views of the officers, directors or any member of the Society of Technical Analysts.


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