David Sneddon MSTA

Managing Director, Credit Suisse

David Sneddon is a managing director of Credit Suisse in the Investment Banking division, based in London. He is global head of Technical Analysis and is responsible for overseeing the entire technical analysis product, covering the Fixed Income, FX, Equity and Commodity markets, as well as the provision of technical analysis education within Credit Suisse and for clients globally.

The Credit Suisse Technical Analysis team has won various awards, including the Extel European Fixed Income survey, Best Commodity and Best FX Technical Analysis by the Technical Analyst magazine, as well as being runner-up in the Euromoney European Fixed Income and US Institutional Investor Fixed Income surveys.

David regularly appears in the media and has been a guest anchor for CNBC on several occasions.

David joined Credit Suisse in 1994, having worked previously for Investment Research of Cambridge Ltd, and is a former board member of the UK Society of Technical Analysts and IFTA.  He holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

STA Monthly Meeting – March 2014 Technical Analysis in a “Macro” World

Technicians have a long-held advantage of being able to look beyond just one asset class with more ease than fundamental analysts do. Indeed, over the past several years, it has been essential that analysts are able to have a view on not just their own area of responsibility but on the core drivers from a range of different markets, all of which can sometimes have a direct impact on seemingly unrelated trades and recommendations. David highlights how Credit Suisse Research pulls all the different asset markets together, the approach and methodology it uses, as well as its current views.

STA Monthly Meeting & Summer Party – July 2011 Risk Appetite, World Wealth and New Data

As well as research into new indicators, and collaboration with the quantative world, it is “new data” that is seen as the most exciting area for new research.

At Credit Suisse, technical analysts work closely with their colleagues in the strategy teams to create and analyse bespoke sets of data. The result of this has been to generate excellent signals to identify a variety of major turning points across assets, and shifts in macro themes.

As an example of “new” data, David Sneddon will focus in more detail on the Credit Suisse Risk Appetite series of indices – Global, Equity, Credit & US Fixed Income – how they are constructed, analysed and the subsequent “risk on” and “risk off” signals. He will also briefly look at World Wealth.

STA Monthly Meeting November 2005 Fixed Income markets: Trend, Fibonacci and the Greenspan “conundrum”

David will discuss his approach to analysing markets, with a particular focus on the application of Fibonacci. He will also look at the current outlook for global fixed income markets.

IFTA 2014 Deciphering market trends – practical applications of pattern and ratio analysis

Deciphering market trends – practical applications of pattern and ratio analysis. Mr Sneddon shows how Dr Marcus du Sautoy’s theories can be put into practice. He illustrates how he uses pattern and ratio analysis in his work.

IFTA 2014 Panel Session: Understanding risk

Understanding risk – the panel discuss different aspects of market and investment risk and how to best address it.

Videos STA Meeting March 2014 – David Sneddon IFTA2014 - Deciphering market trends – practical applications of pattern and ratio analysis IFTA2014 - Panel Session: Understanding risk

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