Author: David Roskilly

Charting the Markets with IG TV: Rajan Dhall tells us about indicators

I hear that IG TV presenter Victoria Scholar found this week’s segment with Rajan Dhall especially helpful – and having just watched it, I can see why. He focuses on 3 popular technical analysis indicators, walking us through, step by step, how to construct and interpret them; very much a ‘teach yourself’ indicators special.

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Scam emails from HMRC – Reported by 900,000 people

The Weekend FT has a small FT Money section which covers personal finance (rather than companies and markets). It often has articles which are relevant to one’s current or future circumstances, or cover aspects that a friend might find helpful. I was shocked to read on Saturday that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs had purportedly sent out scamming texts and emails and made phone calls to 900,000 people – who had reported them – over the last year. Sounds to me that there could be an awful lot more.

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Charting the Markets with IG TV: Nicole Elliott on her day’s work

Recorded and broadcast live on Thursday the 21st November, Victoria Scholar gets Nicole Elliott FSTA to run through the charts and thinking behind that day’s email sent out to Investors Chronicle subscribers. Daily she covers 3 main indices, 2 currencies and spot gold, adding a little bit of market relevant news and published economic data to set the scene.

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German corporates penalised by the ECB: Banks impose negative interest rates on cash balances

For a nation which prides itself on prudence, saving and balancing the government budget, they are furious at the ECB’s never-ending ‘quantative easing’ and now a minus 50 basis point key ‘lending’ rate. Data published by the Bundesbank, and a very interesting article in the Financial Times, this week show that of the 220 lenders surveyed at the end of last month (September 2019) 58 per cent of banks were levying negative interest rates on some corporate deposits, and 23 per cent doing the same for retail deposits.

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