Market Technician No 84

The March issue of Market Technician includes T Brackett and K Crystal – A Brief History of the Development of Median Line Analysis, AKA Andrews Pitchfork (Part 1); S Godstein – Sensemaking: a new twist on what is needed for […]

Market Technician No 83

Enjoy the September 2017 issue of Market Technician. The journal includes STA news, Book Review, interview with private investor Susan Marmor; research articles including: G Celaya –  The KISS Portfolio; D Linton – My Top Charts for Analysing Any Financial […]

Market Technician No 82

Enjoy our new style Market Technician. Issue includes STA news, Book Review, Analyst Focus section with Charles Morris and Philip Gray, research articles including: S Downey, Space and Time: The Final Frontier – Hank Pruden – Unravelling the DNA of […]

Market Technician No 81

J. Wong, An anatomy of market tops – S. Goldstein, How risk personality can influence the performance of trading and investment performance – M. Verdouw Lies, damn lies and average returns – STA Exam Results

Market Technician No. 80

C. Wicken, Release from the private investor trap – D. Watts, Bytes and pieces – J. Smithson, Rediscovering W.D. Gann’s method of forecasting the financial markets – J. du Plessis, Point and Figure charts: From the 19th to the 21st […]

Market Technician No. 79

A. Bhatia, Stop loss and profit target strategies for trading systems – J. Camberlin, Elliott Wave, Chaos Theory and fractals – J. Fry’ Book reviews – P. Desmond, The warning signs of major market tops – D. Watts, Bytes and […]

Market Technician No. 78

D. McMinn, US security threats and the DJIA – J. Fry, Book reviews – A. Kyal, An investigation into the correlation between the CNX IT and the Nasdaq 100 indices – E. Chan, Factor models in practice – STA Diploma […]

Market Technician No. 77

J. du Plessis  – Futures and commodity contracts, J. Fry  – Mathematical modelling, technical analysis and econophysics, A. Patel – Why traders need to understand the 18-year real estate cycle, D. Watts  – Bytes and pieces, M. Verdouw – Gann-based […]

Market Technician No. 76

O. Woolf Volstall – Using volatility to identify early signs of trend exhaustion, M. Bain – Fan lines, D. Watts – Bytes and Pieces, S. Goldstein – Behavioural economics: Providing new insights to market and investor behaviour, J. Wong – […]

Market Technician No. 75

T. Plummer – William Gann’s Law of Vibration, D. McMinn – Fibonacci: Lucas numbers, moon sun cycles and financial timing, S. Maelzer – The reality of financial markets (a stochastic process of triangles, fractals and chaos)

Market Technician No.74

N. Hayashi – Candlestick chart volatility, S. Lucas – Favourite charts and forecasts for 2013, P. Goodburn – Elliott wave pattern progression in 2013, M. Verdouw – Dynamic market profile, M. Bain – Gold breaks its primary uptrend, J. Monfort […]

Market Technician No.73

M. Pring – Whither the trend for global equities?, Heikin-Ashi – Trends made simple, G. Bender – Technical analysis on the VIX, D Watts – Bytes and pieces, STA Diploma Results.

Market Technician No.72

N Miyata – Market forecasts using Elliott Wave and the cycle, D Watts – Bytes and pieces, M Lampert & M Galasiewski – The global financial crisis and outbreaks of violence in Asia and the Middle East, F Papailias & […]

Market Technician No.71

M Gunn – Trend-Wave trading, STA Diploma Results, E Ennis – The pitfalls of investing in commodities, J L Person – Persons pivot points, D Watts – Bytes and pieces.

Market Technician No.70

J-F Owczarczak – 3T methodology, S Marmor – A plan for profitable trading, D Speck – Seasonality, A Hooper – Book review, P Goodburn – Elliott Wave, birds of a feather?, T McCullough – Technical outlook for bond markets

Market Technician No.69

P Goodburn – Equity Markets in 2011, B Sullivan – Commodities outlook for 2011, G Bauer – Statistical evaluation of classical chart patterns, R R Prechter Jnr – Oil, a real time application of the Elliott wave model, D Watts […]

Market Technician No.68

STA Diploma Results. T. Pelc – The rhythm of time, R. Miller – Point and Figure Charting, J. Monfort – Acute Monthly Reversals (AMRs), D. McMinn – DJIA peaks, seasonality and Market Outcomes, D Watts – Bytes and Pieces.

Market Technician No.67

STA Diploma Results. R. R. Prechter Jr – Real-time application of the Elliott Wave Model, D. McMillan – 60 year intervals and October panics, T. Plummer – The 2008 financial panic: a retrospective perspective, M. Pryor – Private Trading, M. […]

Market Technician No.66

STA Diploma Results. Book Reviews, Market Outlook for 2010, L. Rascke & N. Bahadur – Time of day ranges and trend persistence, J. P. Hussman – Zen lessons in market analysis.

Market Technician No.65

STA Diploma Results. K. Edgeley – Trend Strength- “fat-tailed” analysis, T. Laduguie – Forecasting the FTSE with e-yield indicators, M. Jones – The herd instinct, T. Parker – Art or Science? Ruminations on the meaning of technical analysis.