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The STA’s 55th Birthday Party: Drinks, canapés and a good crowd

The first week of September 2023 was the hottest ever for this time of year in Britain. The following week, on the 14th, was the STA’s party at the lovely National Liberal Club on the Embankment; I was worried we […]

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‘Elliott Wave Outlook on Global Equity Markets’: The GPS of the markets works on fractals

A virtual STA monthly meeting 12th September 2023 saw a presentation by Ashish Kyal who describes himself as: ‘Trader, Mentor and Founder of’. Based in Mumbai, it was nice to see that his many Indian followers had signed up […]

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International Technical Analysts Day: Remember, remember the 9th of September

Last year, instigated by the Board of the STA with Chair Eddie Tofpik a keen proponent of the idea, the concept of a day in which to recognise the profession of technical analyst was registered with the authority overseeing these […]

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The generation game: Fault lines and advantages

Earlier this year I had lunch with a good friend; she brought along her eldest daughter. I’ve known the kid since she was about five years old; today she’s a poised, smart adult running a small London legal practice. Talking […]

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Elastic bands, bonds and rebounds: How to spot reversals – in charts and thinking

As a kid, did you fear an elastic band? Today in Britain you are likely to see these scattered along residential streets, discarded by Royal Mail postmen (little kids sometimes collect them in a ball). In the school playground however, […]

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To infinity and beyond! Can price charts cope?

I recently read a review of a musical theatre piece based on a book by Michael R. Jackson called ‘A Strange Loop’. Following on from a previous Barbican production starring Joana Seguro and Royal Society Fellow Marcus du Sautoy, the […]

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‘Chaos Kings: How Wall Street Traders Make Billions in the New Age of Crisis’ by Scott Patterson

Apologies for the sensational title, but this book was reviewed by Katie Martin in the Weekend FT ten days ago. While I skim through several online news services during the week, I physically go out and buy a hard copy […]

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Panel Review for the Second Half: Speakers’ brevity and honesty at the fore

Exactly six months ago our trusty panel of speakers presented their outlook for key areas of financial markets for the calendar year 2023. They bravely decided to reconvene yesterday (11th July), the STA with a technical analysis-based view, The Broker […]

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Graphing vibration and its varients: Sound waves being just one of many

Take a close look at my first chart, initially published in the Weekend FT a few weeks ago. It plots the – by now almost inevitable – decline in the biodiversity of the five major continents with the global average […]

Point and Figure is Pro-Level Tic, Tac, Toe: Noughts and Crosses to us Brits

Andreas Clenow flew in from Zurich to give an in-person presentation at June’s regular STA monthly meeting. Billed in a lengthy promotional email as: ‘This presentation will demonstrate that there are flaws in point and figure which can be fixed. […]

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INSTAGRAM AND ME: Social Media’s ups and downs

A few years ago a friend gave me his old smartphone (ageing [him], he opted for a bigger screen that gave him a better chance of reading the text and hitting the correct letters). Having avoided this sort of device […]

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Chatting with my friend Axel Rudolph: The STA’s Head of Education and Non-Executive Board Member

My parents were great believers in education, probably spending more money than they could really afford on schools and courses for their children; not just academic things, but also art, music and sports. I realise I was very lucky and […]

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Seasonality permeates many aspects of life: Financial markets are no exception

One of the many advantages of being a member of the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) is that, because we’re affiliated with the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), we can join their online presentations. I was advised by email […]

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British stockbrokers’ saying: ‘Sell in May and go away’

Foreigners often believe that Brits’ are totally into tradition. As a subject of His Majesty King Charles III, I can say that this may or may not be the case, and in any event, don’t be fooled; all too many […]

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Are you any good with the Greeks? Matt Cowart has a way with these and shares his insights

The STA’s May monthly meeting yesterday, 9th, saw a slick web-based presentation by Matt Cowart, founder and CEO of Rocket Scooter (‘’a nod to made in my garage’’). From an engineering background, his interest in trading US stocks started in […]

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Fellows flock for lunch: STA members are also good fellows

For some years now, Covid-permitting, an annual lunch is organised for Fellows of the STA.. This event is by invitation only and to those who have been awarded the distinction. You ask: how many types of STA membership are there? […]

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Read Karen Jones’ experience of our first ‘Technicals to Trading Systems’ Conference

I attended the Technicals to Trading Systems conference that the STA held on the 18th of April. Although this was not entirely my “wheelhouse” as a more traditional chartist, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Firstly, I want to say that I […]

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Coming from a land down under… The wonders of the Webinar reach right around the world

Waking up yesterday in Queensland at some unhinged time that he calls ‘convict hours’, Nick Radge (head of trading and research at The Chartist, Australia) admitted he had a bad cold. Nevertheless he soldiered on with what proved to be […]

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Back to the 1970s: A timely article for the Market Technician

Even some economists will admit that when it comes to timing, technical analysts have the upper hand. This was rammed home to me when, post-holiday, I turned to read my March 2023 copy of our magazine, the Market Technician issue […]

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The Stop Hunter hits the City: With wise words and impressive stats

Stephen Hoad, founder and CEO of The Stop Hunter is based in Canterbury, Kent and rarely comes up to town. He did so for the first time in four years yesterday (14th) in order to speak at the STA’s March […]

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