Market Technician No.39

Book Review (Irrational Exuberance (Shiller), Encyclopedia of Chart Pattern (Bulkowski)), Watts – Software Review, Collins – Using Displaced Moving Averages in Foreign Exchange Dealing, Tikhonov – Taranalysis – New developments in market forecasting, Wignall – Open interest, volume and price […]

Market Technician No.38

Book Review (The Predictors (Bass), Celaya – Charting the Regional FX markets, Kliem – Equity Markets: Outlook for Wall Street and FTSE – TMT and the old economy, Wignall – Mutual offsetting systems – a problem for technical analysis? Burnton […]

Market Technician No.37

Cognitive Behavioral Psychology for Investment Analysis and Management, Mack – Elliott Learning Pains, Plummer – The Phenomenom of Cycles, Stafford – The Natural Laws of Markets, Watts – Bytes and Pieces, Glydon – The Evolution of a Technical Analyst.

Market Technician No.36

Simcock – A Primer on the Use of Moving Averages to Gain Excess Risk-Adjusted Returns in the Currency Market, Cameron – Efficiency of Technicians, Allright & Celaya – Tactical Options Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market, Gramza – Unlocking the […]

Market Technician No.35

Book Reviews (Graphs and their Applicaton to Speculation (Cole), A Course in Trading (Wetsel Market Bureau), Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets (Murphy), Forecasting Financial Markets (Plummer), The Book of Investing Wisdom (Krass), The Way to Trade (Piper), Technical Analysis […]

Market Technician No.34

Millard – Channels and Cycles, Plummer – Some Thoughts on the Mathematics of Turning Points, Harland – Using nonlinear neurogenetic models with profit-related objective functions to trade the US Tbond future, Griffiths – The Dow at 10,000.

Market Technician No.33

Book Reviews (Advanced Trading Rules (Satchell and Acar), Real World Technical Analysis – A Guide to Technical Indicators and Chart Analysis (Kahn)). Hurwitz – Hurwitz Exact Location Parameters, Kwan – Crossover Methods in Moving Averages, Sullivan & Miller – Variation […]

Market Technician No.30

Clark – Time, an Added Dimension, Tadion – The Price Bubble as an All Round Indicator, Whitby – A Stronger Euro After All ?, Islam – STA Diploma Revision Day, MacLean – Gann, Cycles and Fibonacci in 10 Year Spreads […]

Market Technician No.29

Book Reviews (Traders Edge (Noble), Edge of Chaos (Cohen)). Extract from the FT on ‘Attacking the Financial Markets’, Adcock – Futures Trading: Keeping it Simple, Blazey – Software Reviews: The Way Forward, McMinn – The 29 Day Effect as an […]

Market Technician No.28

Book Reviews (Deciphering the Market (Tadion), Schwager on Futures: Technical Analysis (Schwager). Smyrk – Over-simple Trading Rules and a Bit of the Human Brain. Pring – 1997 – The Year of the Bear? Greene – Optimising Trading Reliability with Cyclic […]

Market Technician No.27

Zurla – Easy Money Fuels Trading Systems Sales. MacLean Point and Figure on Yield Spreads. Rooney – Who Says Technical Analysis Cannot Beat the Market? Breame – A Yen to Dominate ? Clark – The Dow – Time for a […]

Market Technician No.25

Book Reviews (psychology of trading books). Pollock, Wilkie and Macaulay – Technical Analysis: An Element of Judgement Missing. Rooney – The Advance-Decline Noncumulative Line: How does it work? Piper – Simple Trading Rules and the Human Brain. Feeny – New […]