STA Monthly Meeting- November 2023

Conference: Technicals to Trading Systems

The Society of Technical Analysts is delivering its first conference with the intriguing title Technicals to Trading System on the 18 April 2023, One Moorgate Place, City of London.

STA Monthly Meeting – September 2022

STA Monthly Meeting – May 2022

Joint STA/ACI UK Meeting – July 2021

STA & ACI UK DEBATE – 2021 OUTLOOK: MID YEAR REVIEW At the mid-year mark in an ever changing environment, the STA and ACI UK  are reconvening its expert panel of fundamental and technical analsysts to review an update their […]

STA Monthly Meeting – June 2021

During the presentation, Alexander will focus on the geometrical and mathematical aspects of that theory, developed by W. D. Gann more than 100 years ago. He will talk about long- and short-term predictive charting using cycles, where the relation between […]