Market Technician No.54

Bytes and pieces D.Watts, Ichimoku Charts – D Linton, Luck 13? – W K Wong & L Chan, ATheoretical basis of Technical Analysis – Tony Plummer.

Market Technician No.53

STA exam results, Bill Adlard – Dow Theory, Nicole Elliott – Global Market Outlook, Peter Goodburn – Sterling/Dollar – an Elliott Wave Perspective.

Market Technician No.52

STA Exam Results. Donations to the library. Michael Smyrk. Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar: Using technical analysis to avoid a bitter brew. Elizabeth Miller. The British bear market of 1720-1940: A socionomic examination. Tom Denham.

Market Technician No.51

P. Goodburn – Ratio and Proportion, Bytes and Pieces D.Watts, Obituary – Tim Brain, H.Pruden and B. Belletante – Wykoff laws and tests, D. Knapp – Market Profile.

Market Technician No.50

Bytes and pieces D.Watts, Obituary – Elli Gifford, R. Prechter Jr. – The Science of Socionomics, J. du Plessis – Optimisation – from a technical analyst’s point of view, R. Griffiths – The Turning Tide, S. Griffiths – Risk/Reward trading […]

Market Technician No.49

Bytes and pieces D.Watts, Software Review D.Watts, G.Rowe -Trading the Bearish Engulfing Pattern, A. Whitby – The Euro – a Top or the Top?, C. Lambert – Candlestick Reversals, E.Miller – The Case for a Base in Coffee Futures, M.Gunn […]

Market Technician No.48

STA exam results R.Giles – Forward Looking UK Interest Rates: A point and figure chart approach, R. Ramyar – Gann’s Legacy: A modern perspective, R. Lie – The trend intensity indicator, M. Blazey – Letter, G.Celaya – Web Notes from […]

Market Technician No.47

Bytes and pieces D.Watts, Software Review D.Watts, P.Desmond – Identifying Bear Market Bottoms and New Bull Markets, B. Antrobus – A Reformation for Technical Analysis, R.Griffiths – Mapping the Markets.

Market Technician No.46

Review of Software tables from IFTA Walkabout (Celaya), obituaries, Stannard & Dr. P. Wikstrom – Optimizing entry levels for maximum risk control, H. Okamoto – Asset Allocation in Japanese and US stock markets by means of technical analysis, N. Elliott […]

Market Technician No.45

STA Book Review (Trading is a business (Ross)), Exam results, M. Feeny – Intellectual property rights-prising open the black box, D. Watts – A survey of technical analysis charting, Software Review, A. Hill – Using Candlesticks to play the trend, […]

Market Technician No.44

STA exam results, D. Murrin -The physics, behaviour of markets and the investor, C. Mack – Coppock understood, S. Griffiths – The Simple ABC Correction, Z. Harland – Using support vector machines to trade aluminium on the LME, S. Warner […]

Market Technician No.43

Data Survey, Book Review (Fooled by Randomness (Taleb), The Short-Term Price Effects of Popular Share Recommendations (McCabe)), Software Review, Gramza – The Match, Rudolph – Practial Elliott Wave Analysis, Tikhonov – Taranalysis: A new adaptive trend forecasting technique.

Market Technician No.42

Book Review (Dumb Money: Adventures of a Day Trader (Anuff and Wolf)), Watts – Bytes and Pieces, Gramza – Chronographics Trading Edge, Wignall – Open Interest, Volume and Price Analysis (part 3), Furlonger – Modelling Bull Market Behaviour Patterns using […]

Market Technician No.41

Book Review (The Way to Trade, Piper) Interview with Schwager, Watts – Software Review and Bytes & Pieces, Goodacre – Evidence on the perfomance of the CRISMA Trading system in the US and UK equity markets, Klink – Is the […]

Market Technician No.40

Watts – Software Review, Elliott & Harada, Ichimoku kinko hyo charting, Wignall – Open interest, volume and price analysis: the special case of markets with inter-exchange mutual offsetting systems (part 2), Osler – Support for resistance: technical analysis and intraday […]