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Bespoke Advent calendar for technical analysts: Virtual, of course

Woke up this morning in a bit of a flap; had forgotten to get an advent calendar for my daughter. Brain kicks in and I realise my daughter is a grown up and lives abroad. However, she had remembered to buy one for my chocaholic mother. As a bourgeois, self-righteous Mum, I didn’t allow these at home. Instead I bought a hessian Xmas tree shaped small wall-hanging with 24 little sacks with numbers and ties, which I could fill with ‘healthy’ surprises. I ended up spending a fortune and staying up until after bedtime to fill them one at a time, otherwise she’d open the lot on day one.

Now there are a lot more to choose from, including one in today’s The Times newspaper. Labelled the SAGE ADVENT CALENDAR it features cartoons of the pandemic maestros and doors that say ‘do not open’. So I decided to create a special calendar for technical analysts – and why not? Trouble is that, with virtual rather than physical material, you’ll get to open the windows all in one go.

Door 1 would open onto a single candlestick. This is especially appropriate as many faiths celebrate at this time of year, often involving lights, fireworks and candles. Diwali (November 14-19/2020) is celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs. Guru Nanak Gurpurab (30th November) by Sikhs, then Hanukkah (December 10-18/2020) by the Jewish faith using their famous candlestick, not forgetting Christmas and New Year observed by most of the globe.

Day 2 would have to be a double bottom – to make little children laugh at lavatorial humour. For Day 3 we have several choices: evening or morning stars would probably be the most appropriate, but we could have three white knights, or better, three black crows to add a little menace. Day 4 a superior trend line with not three but four points touching the straight line drawn; nothing but the best in this version of things.

Day 5 has to be a broadening top, something you might have spotted elsewhere recently. The sixth window is dead easy: Fibonacci’s ratio of 0.618/1.618 recurring, the golden mean, and all that. The 7th window is difficult, so I’d suggest a diamond pattern which may, or may not, contain seven reference points. More gruesomely, one of the 17 million mink culled in Denmark.

Days 8, 9 and 10 could have the Rule of 8 to 10, or be somehow linked to the recent outbreak of avian flu H5N8 in Yorkshire and South Korea, while 10 could be an island reversal, standing alone, far from anybody.

Day 11 has to be a trend channel, 12 an engulfing pattern, where the second candle is bigger than the first, 13 Tom DeMark’s Sequential and 14 the RSI. Skipping through the other teens we get to Day 19, where you have one guess: COVID-19. Day 20 could be could be a double top – standing in for the manger in which Jesus was born. Day 21 the shooting star that hovered over the site in Bethlehem, day 22 a rounded bottom for his crib, and the double doors of Christmas eve – a head and shoulders!

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