Market Technician No 83

Enjoy the September 2017 issue of Market Technician. The journal includes STA news, Book Review, interview with private investor Susan Marmor; research articles including: G Celaya –  The KISS Portfolio; D Linton – My Top Charts for Analysing Any Financial […]

Market Technician No 82

Enjoy our new style Market Technician. Issue includes STA news, Book Review, Analyst Focus section with Charles Morris and Philip Gray, research articles including: S Downey, Space and Time: The Final Frontier – Hank Pruden – Unravelling the DNA of […]

Market Technician No 81

J. Wong, An anatomy of market tops – S. Goldstein, How risk personality can influence the performance of trading and investment performance – M. Verdouw Lies, damn lies and average returns – STA Exam Results

Market Technician No. 80

C. Wicken, Release from the private investor trap – D. Watts, Bytes and pieces – J. Smithson, Rediscovering W.D. Gann’s method of forecasting the financial markets – J. du Plessis, Point and Figure charts: From the 19th to the 21st […]