Past Meetings

Past Meetings

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STA Monthly Meeting – November 2019

Tuesday 12th November 2019
Price Matters But Process More So
Andy Dodd MSTA, Louis Capital Markets

Andy Dodd started his career in financial markets in 1986, initially as a market-maker in UK equities, before moving into broking in the 1990s where he gained experience in both U.S and Emerging Markets during my time at Instinet. Andy […]

STA Monthly Meeting – October 2019

Tuesday 8th October 2019
Logical Price Action: Utilising Wyckoffian Principles in Modern Times
William Reardon, CEO and Founder, Feibel Trading

William Reardon is CEO and founder of Feibel Trading Ltd and the creator of Logical Price Action. He specialises in exploiting the supply/demand imbalance by using the lost art of bars and volume and is internationally recognized as one of […]

STA Monthly Meeting – September 2019

Tuesday 10th September 2019
The Role of Subjectivity in Technical Analysis
Tim Parker MSTA, CEO, Messels

Tim Parker is the CEO and founding partner of Messels Ltd, an independent technical analysis research firm based in the UK.

STA Monthly Meeting & Summer Party – July 2019

Tuesday 9th July 2019

This year, it was preceded by a special signing ceremony cementing our new industry collaboration with ACI UK and a talk by Murray Gunn MSTA, Elliott Wave International. Click below to see gallery.

Technical Analysis - Trading Tool or Social Science?

Technical analysis has proven to be an invaluable method for trading or investing. But is it more than that? Rather than searching for new ways to slice and dice price into ever more complex indicators, should our focus not be on promoting the theoretical underpinnings of technical analysis to the wider investment community? Murray will explore the history of technical analysis and uncover why conventional, “fundamental” analysis actually followed it. He will highlight how the developing social science of Socionomics was born out of technical analysis and why it deserves to be front and centre in the debate over rethinking macroeconomics. Murray will bring it all together with a look at current market charts and forecasts.

Murray Gunn, Head of Research, Elliott Wave International

Murray Gunn MSTA is Head of Research for Elliott Wave International’s Global Market Perspective, a monthly summary of the firm’s 25 analysts’ views on every major freely traded market in the world. (You can follow his Elliott Wave analysis at

STA Monthly Meeting – June 2019

Tuesday 11th June 2019
Fireside Chat with Robert Carver, author of "Systematic Trading"
Robert Carver, Independent Systematic Futures Trader

Robert Carver is an independent systematic futures trader, writer, and a visiting lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London. He is the author of “Systematic Trading: A unique new method for designing trading and investing systems”, and “Smart Portfolios: A […]

STA Monthly Meeting – May 2019

Tuesday 14th May 2019
Price does not align to time

Kevin will look to demonstrate what it is he looks for when placing a trade. This includes market entry point, stop and target calculations. There are only 4 trades that are ever placed. In addition, this will include the frustrations experienced by the format that traditional charting packages use. This is always a series of open, high, low and closing price data, traditionally bar charts and or candlesticks.

Kevin has a view that many aspects of Technical Analysis remain in their “infancy”. Market movement understanding is not common. Kevin is also of the belief that markets do not reflect “mass psychology”. That markets are mathematical, not psychological.

Kevin has the viewpoint that the format that price data is viewed in is simply incorrect. Data becomes a by-product of your chosen time frame. Time frame does not change market position. Time would need to align to your chosen time frame to be relevant, which it does not.

Kevin Bull

Kevin Bull started his career in financial markets in 2009, by studying technical analysis on a full-time basis. These studies led Kevin to sit the STA Diploma in 2010 and subsequently to form Kevin has since spent the past […]

STA Monthly Meeting – April 2019

Monday 8th April 2019
Global Cash Flow

Determine which market is leading and how to examine it. How to define and handle timing differences in revolving markets. Understand how European markets are positioned relative to global indexes for timing and price projection. This presentation covers many different methods but in a tight package for the purpose of building intermarket relationships to improve probability and timing.

Constance Brown CFTe MFTA

Time Factors. That is the key to surviving today’s volatility. W.D. Gann was a master of Time and Price forecasting. Constance Brown, better known by clients as Connie Brown, is one of the world’s leading practitioners of Gann Analysis. Other […]

STA Monthly Meeting – March 2019

Tuesday 12th March 2019
10 Things I've learned Coaching Traders and Investment Professionals

In this talk, leading trader performance coach Steven Goldstein shares powerful insights from almost a decade of coaching traders, portfolio managers and asset managers inside leading investment banks, hedge funds, commodity & energy trading businesses, asset management firms and private traders.

The talk will focus mostly on matters related to performance and behaviour, but will also veer into practical aspects of working in financial markets.

Steven Goldstein, Risk Performance Consultant, Alpha R Cubed Ltd

Steven Goldstein is a Performance Coach and Consultant working with traders and participants in the financial markets. He is the founder of BGT Edge Ltd and coaches traders and managers at a growing number of investment banks and hedge funds in the UK and Europe. In addition to that Steven provides technical analysis on a number of currency pairs for 3CAnalysis.

STA Monthly Meeting – February 2019

Tuesday 12th February 2019
When Overbought Or Oversold Signals Continuation

Richard will discuss how he overcomes the problem of markets continuing trends, even though traditional momentum tools suggest overbought or oversold conditions. He will also highlight an approach he has developed within G10 FX, using a number of indicators to establish ‘technical relative value’ of each individual currency and what this means for G10 crosses.


Richard Adcock MSTA, Managing Director, Adcock Analysis

Richard Adcock is managing director, Adcock Analysis, an independent technical research service, offering subscriptions for weekly reports and daily updates, on FX and rates markets. Adcock Analysis Ltd has been voted top independent technical research house for FX in 2017 & 2018, and Richard Top Fixed Income Technical Strategist, in the Technical Analyst magazine poll for 2009, 2011 & 2013, as well as runner up in 2010 and 2012. Top spot in the best Fixed Income Technical Analyst section of the Extel Awards was also achieved during his time with UBS.

STA Monthly Meeting – January 2019

Tuesday 15th January 2019

The meeting will take place at our new meetings venue – One Moorgate Place, Chartered Accountants Hall, 1 Moorgate Place, London, EC2R 6EA. Click here for a map.

Market Outlook Panel

As is traditional, we start the 2019 speaker programme with a Market Outlook panel for the year.
Chaired by Tom Hicks MSTA, panellists include Avramis Despotis, Robin Griffiths and Clement Thibault.

Panel Speakers
Avramis Despotis, Founder and CEO, Tradepedia

An enthusiastic educator, authoritative voice in price action trading and inspiring personal coach, Avramis Despotis has been immersed in the financial markets for over two decades. Founder and CEO of Tradepedia, he is an expert instructor in technical analysis, risk […]

Robin Griffiths FSTA, Co Editor, Dynamic Investment Alert

Robin Griffiths is one of the world’s most experienced and highly regarded market analysts. Together with Rashpal Sohan, Robin is joint managing editor of Dynamic Investment Trends Alert, published by Southbank Investment Research.

Clement Thibault, Senior Financial Markets Analyst,

Clement is a Senior Financial Markets Analyst for, a leading internet global financial portal.  Clement joined about three years ago, and was the first, full-time analyst for the company. As such, he pioneered the site’s efforts to provide […]

STA Christmas Party and AGM – December 2018

Tuesday 11th December 2018
No Presentation

The STA Christmas Party will be preceded by the STA AGM. Only Full members may vote at the AGM, though all members welcome. AGM papers will be sent to all members nearer the time.

No speaker for the party.

STA Monthly Meeting – November 2018

Thursday 22nd November 2018

November’s meeting will be a special MiFID II Panel.

MiFID II Research Unbundling Speaker Panel - A Year On!
Panel Speakers
Tom Hicks MSTA, Partner, Dantom Consulting

Tom is a Fixed Income Trader and Ex Big Four Consultant. He has over 15 years’ experience in the financial industry as a Fixed income trader and Sales person.  Tom has a wealth of experience and regulatory knowledge having worked […]

Steve Kelly, Special Adviser, Euro IRP

Steve is one of the foremost authorities on European investment industry opinion and has been consulted by industry bodies and leading companies for advice for many years. In 1999, he took over the Extel Survey and built it into a […]

Tim Parker MSTA, CEO, Messels

Tim Parker is the CEO and founding partner of Messels Ltd, an independent technical analysis research firm based in the UK.

Jeremy Davies, Co-Founder, RSRCHXchange

Jeremy worked for 16 years on the buy side as a portfolio managers, latterly running global special situations at multi strategy hedge fund, CQS. He launched RSRCHX, the research aggregator and marketplace, with co-founder Vicky Sanders in 2014. RSRCHX currently […]

STA Monthly Meeting – October 2018

Thursday 11th October 2018

On Thursday 11 October, we are delighted that our guest speaker will be Dr Van Tharp. Please note that the event is taking place at One America Square rather than the usual CISI offices, and that it is being held on a THURSDAY rather than the usual Tuesday.

Jointly organised with the Chartered Alterntive Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association, come join our exclusive live interview about “Trading Beyond the Matrix” with the world’s top trading pschologist, Dr Tharp.  Key topics include Dr Tharp’s ‘road to transformation’ and what he learned from modelling over 5,000 traders and investors.

The interview will be hosted by Ron William who serves as board member to the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

Dr Van Tharp

Dr Van Tharp is the author of Trading Beyond the Matrix: The Red Pill For Traders, published by Wiley & Sons, in addition to four acclaimed books published by McGraw Hill: Super Trader, Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, the […]

STA Monthly Meeting – September 2018

Tuesday 11th September 2018
Quantitative Strategies for Technical Analysis

All too often a Technician’s first foray into being quantitative is performing a back test. Statistically, this is one of the worst places to start a quantitative process. A back test that is performed too early is based on many false assumptions and compounds many errors into the process. The result is that the back test returns are rarely repeatable in real life. In this presentation, Mathew will be explaining what these errors are, how we can avoid them (regardless of what tools you use), and reveal a new Monte Carlo method he developed which allows us to review a valid p-score for our models no matter if they are long term trend following or short term mean reversion strategies. Mathew will go on to explain how as Technicians there is a process that we can follow to rigorously test quantitative ideas.

For any Analyst who wants to research new ideas, or be able to present ideas that can stand up to rigorous quantitative scrutiny, this presentation will help you to see that not only is a quantitative approach is achievable, but as Technical Analysts, we are in the best position to drive advanced quantitative models.

Mathew Verdouw, Founder and Global CEO, Market Analyst International

Mathew Verdouw is the Founder and Global CEO of Market Analyst International, a group of companies dedicated to developing Technical Analysis software for traders of financial markets. With an honours degree in Computer Systems Engineering from RMIT in Australia, Mathew has taken the company, and the Market Analyst program, from a spare-room start-up in 1996 to a world-wide solution used by traders from large institutions to private traders.

STA Monthly Meeting – July 2018

Tuesday 10th July 2018
The Understandings of William Gann

The July meeting will see STA Fellow, Tony Plummer FSTA, talk on his new book The Life Cycle Hypothesis, which builds on the findings of Tony’s previous book, The Law of Vibration.

Tony Plummer FSTA, Helmsman Economics Ltd

Tony has worked in financial markets for more than 40 years, and currently researches group behaviour in financial markets and economic activity. He is also on the investment advisory committee of the Osiris Property Fund, and is a trustee of two pension funds.

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