Steven Goldstein

Risk Performance Consultant, Alpha R Cubed Ltd

Steven has over 30 years’ experience of working within and around financial markets. For nearly 25 of those years Steven worked as a trader at some of the financial markets leading investment banking firms. Since then he has worked as a performance coach and consultant, helping people and teams to improve their risk performance and behaviours as traders and portfolio managers.

Steven’s approach revolves around helping people and teams become more self-aware of their behaviours and how these impact their decisions and actions within financial markets. His belief is that by raising awareness within people and teams of their blind-spots, learning gaps, and unconscious biases, you can start to help them transform and improve their performance and behaviours. Steven then works with them through the change and transformational process using powerful methods to support and facilitate change, and to help them achieve a higher more productive level of performance. Steven’s work in this area has helped produce significant improvements in performance and behaviours amongst individuals and teams involved in financial market risk activities.

His work involving trader risk personality has attracted a lot of interest from clients keen to understand what is driving and motivation their people’s decisions and actions in financial markets. Further to this he is now working with firms helping them to respond to challenges posed by ‘Conduct Risk’ regulation, and has developed innovative approaches to improving risk culture within the front-office areas of financial market businesses.

STA Monthly Meeting – March 2013 Behavioural Finance and Technical Analysis: A Synergy

The presentation will focus on the behavioural aspects of trading and markets, looking at the emergence of Behavioural Finance and also Neuroeconomics. It will also look at how and why they are relevant for Technical analysis, and how they can add a new perspective and deeper understanding to a technical analyst’s work.

STA Monthly Meeting – April 2016 ‘Risk Type’ – How your core risk personality impacts your trading decisions and behaviours

Steven Goldstein, Risk Performance Consultant, Alpha R Cubed Ltd, will give an enlightening talk on ‘Risk Type’ – How your core risk personality impacts your trading decisions and behaviours.

Videos STA Monthly Meeting March 2013 – Steven Goldstein STA Meeting April 2016 – Steve Goldstein

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