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Nick Glydon

Co-Founder, Redburn Partners

Nick Glydon has worked as a technical analyst since 1986, most recently at Credit Lyonnais, Flemings and JP Morgan. In 2003 he co-founded Redburn Partners, now Europe’s biggest independent equity broker.

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Sunil Goel

Continuous Change Charts

Sunil runs a niche research and brokerage firm, Continuous Change Charts, servicing a few selected institutions providing technical advisory services. He brings over 12 years’ experience in analysing, researching, developing and applying simple but effective equity trading strategies. His technical […]

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Steven Goldstein

Risk Performance Consultant, Alpha R Cubed Ltd

Steven Goldstein is a Performance Coach and Consultant working with traders and participants in the financial markets. He is the founder of BGT Edge Ltd and coaches traders and managers at a growing number of investment banks and hedge funds in the UK and Europe. In addition to that Steven provides technical analysis on a number of currency pairs for 3CAnalysis.

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Peter Goodburn MSTA

Founding Partner, WaveTrack International

Peter is the founding partner of WaveTrack International and has published Elliott Wave analysis for all of the four asset classes for over 20 years. He is the author of the monthly institutional EW-Navigator and the biweekly shorter-term EW-Compass reports.

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Shreyas Gopal

FX Strategist, Deutsche Bank

Shreyas leads UK macro strategy at Deutsche Bank in London and is a senior G10 FX strategist in the Bank’s FIC division. He publishes widely on a variety of macro and FX-related topics including currency valuations, macro trading strategies, and […]

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Christopher Grafton

Head of Technical Analysis, Advanced Research Japan

Christopher Grafton is currently Head of Technical Analysis at Advanced Research Japan. Prior to joining Advanced Research Japan, Chris was Director, Principal Analyst and Systems Developer at Vectisma Ltd, an independent market analysis firm focusing on Japanese equities with a global macro overlay, based in England.

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Daniel Gramza BSc Eng MBA

President, Gramza Capital Management

Daniel Gramza is President of Gramza Capital Management, Inc. He is a trader, consultant, advisor to hedge funds, developer of equity and derivative securities, and co-inventor of two issued security patents. Daniel is quoted in media worldwide. He has authored […]

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Philip Gray FSTA

Philip Gray has over 30 years’ international experience in all aspects of investment banking, especially investment management and stock broking. He has also been a director of various companies listed on the UK, Zurich, Frankfurt and Johannesburg stock exchanges, and is currently a director of an ASX listed industrial company.

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Steve Griffiths

Software Developer, MTPredictor

Steve Griffiths has been involved in the markets since 1987 as a Private Trader as well as a Software Developer. In 2001 he launched his MTPredictor software program that utilizes his unique “Isolation approach” to Elliott wave analysis. Thirteen years on and MTPredictor is now used by thousands of Traders and Fund Managers worldwide.

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Robin Griffiths FSTA

Co Editor, Dynamic Investment Alert

Robin Griffiths is one of the world’s most experienced and highly regarded market analysts. Together with Rashpal Sohan, Robin is joint managing editor of Dynamic Investment Trends Alert, published by Southbank Investment Research.

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Robert Grigg

National President, ATAA

Robert is a full time trader, trading systems developer and systems consultant. He is a director and investment manager at Crystal Blue (Aust) Pty Ltd where he manages family based funds.

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Murray Gunn

Head of Research, Elliott Wave International

Murray Gunn MSTA is Head of Research for Elliott Wave International’s Global Market Perspective, a monthly summary of the firm’s 25 analysts’ views on every major freely traded market in the world. (You can follow his Elliott Wave analysis at www.elliottwave.com)

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Feng Han

Head of Technical Research in Asia, Fidelity

Feng Han, as the Head of Technical Research in Asia with FIL Investments Limited, works closely with the fundamental bottom-up driven investment team across the region on stock selections as well as market analysis and sector recommendations through a weighted evidence approach incorporating macro indicators, valuations and an extensive range of technical indicators including trend, momentum, breadth, sentiment, cycle, seasonality, candle charts and pattern recognition.

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Michael Hewson

Chief Market Analyst, CMC Markets (UK)

Michael is Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets (UK). With over 30 years’ experience in the financial markets, Michael is respected for his candid and direct market commentary. He’s a well-known face on both financial and mainstream TV, appearing regularly […]

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Tom Hicks MSTA

Partner, Dantom Consulting

Tom is a Fixed Income Trader and Ex Big Four Consultant. He has over 15 years’ experience in the financial industry as a Fixed income trader and Sales person.  Tom has a wealth of experience and regulatory knowledge having worked […]

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