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Eoin Treacy

Global Strategist, Fullermoney.com

Eoin is a global strategist at www.fullermoney.com. Following a degree in Philosophy, he spent nearly four years with Bloomberg, where he became a student of market psychology and taught numerous seminars across Europe.

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Ben Tyler MSTA

STA Commitee Member

Ben has had three formal careers: auditor, finance director of new media companies and, since 2000, investment strategy developer for pensions and long term savers. He stopped work at 50 to manage trials of proprietary strategies, write multi-asset research papers […]

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Mathew Verdouw

Founder and Global CEO, Market Analyst International

Mathew Verdouw is the Founder and Global CEO of Market Analyst International, a group of companies dedicated to developing Technical Analysis software for traders of financial markets. With an honours degree in Computer Systems Engineering from RMIT in Australia, Mathew has taken the company, and the Market Analyst program, from a spare-room start-up in 1996 to a world-wide solution used by traders from large institutions to private traders.

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Steve Ward

High Performance Global

Steve Ward, Trader Performance and Psychology Coach, has spent over ten years working with traders, trading desks and fund managers from banks, hedge funds, global energy companies, asset management funds, proprietary trading groups and with independent traders helping them to enhance their performance, improve their decision making and maximise their returns through coaching, training and consulting interventions.

Steve is the author of ‘High Performance Trading – 35 Practical Strategies To Enhance Your Trading Psychology and Performance’  (Harriman House, 2009),  ‘TraderMind – Get A Mindful Edge In The Markets’ (Wiley, 2014) and ‘Sports Betting To Win – The 10 Keys To Disciplined and Profitable Betting’ (Harriman House, 2010). He was the consultant trading performance coach to BBC TV’s ‘Million Dollar Traders’ series, co-managed a team of 45 professional proprietary traders in London, and has been featured in interviews with both Reuters and Bloomberg Markets . He has also traded stock indicies and FX on his own account.

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David Watts MSTA

STA Committee, Software/Systems & Website

David is a Trading System Consultant and professional engineer. He first became involved with the LIFFE markets after being commissioned to provide IT support and write a trading model for a number of LIFFE traders in 1992. Since then he has used his engineering expertise on a number of innovative trading projects

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Gavin Wells (Moderator)

Gavin Wells joined 360TGTX in February 2020 to further the development of their FX Swaps strategy. Following the successful trial of 360TGTX MidMatch he is working with market participants to ensure full and timely adoption of this market leading platform. […]

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Dr Rolf Wetzer

CEO and Founder, Ghiribizzo

Rolf Wetzer, PhD, is past president of IFTA. He redesigned the CFTe syllabus, was the editor of the IFTA journal and is heading the MFTA program since 2011. He is a member of the Swiss Association of Market Technicians (SAMT) and the prestigious German Statistical Society (DStatG). Rolf is a portfolio manager with a twenty-year track record of managing institutional and private assets, heading teams and trading successfully proprietary money within major financial institutions. Currently he is CEO and co-founder of Ghiribizzo, a company specialized in algorithmic trading of proprietary money.

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Brian Whitmer

Elliott Wave International

Brian Whitmer is editor of The European Financial Forecast and contributes the European stock section of Global Market Perspective. Brian joined Elliott Wave International in 2009 after receiving his MBA from Georgia Southern University. He received a degree in civil engineering from the University of Maryland and has served as a designer, planner,vand project manager for $100-million-plus civil andvresidential developments.

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Robin Wilkin

Senior Director, Lloyds Bank

Robin Wilkin MSTA is a Senior Director at Lloyds Bank in London. He has over 24 years market experience as a technical analysis practitioner across all asset classes. Robin started his career in commodities before moving into financial futures on the LIFFE floor and then into Foreign Exchange.

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Ron William

Founder & Principal Market Strategist, RW Advisory

Ron William is Founder & Principal Market Strategist at RW Market Advisory (RWA). The institutional advisory is based on a macro, semi discretionary technical approach which is primarily driven by cycles and timing models. RWA currently services the global FX trading desk of a tier-one financial institution.

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Ian Williams

Director & Fund Manager, Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers

Ian has spent the last 25 years as a specialist in G7 Government Bond Markets, covering sales, research, market making and proprietary trading.

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Larry Williams

American Author, Futures, Stock and Commodity Trader

Through good years and bad Larry has survived recording and teaching his market wisdom. Larry is a best-selling author featured on Amazon. You can find most of the books Larry has written there. Larry Williams has taught thousands to trade […]

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Robin Winkler

Director FX Strategy & Macro, Deutsche Bank

Robin leads European FX research at Deutsche Bank in London and is a senior macro strategist in the Bank’s FIC division. He is one of the Bank’s thought leaders on the global macro space, publishing widely on major trends in […]

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Oliver Woolf MSTA

TA Specialist, Bloomberg

Oliver Woolf, CAIA, MSTA is a Technical Analysis Specialist at Bloomberg, working closely with the product development team and with a particular passion for building new and innovative indicators. He writes for various Bloomberg publications such as the Quarterly Technical Analysis BRIEF and has lectured at several universities and appeared on Bloomberg TV in Europe. With a degree in modern languages he previously worked in Bloomberg’s FX business in Iberia.

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Masaaki Yamada

Financial Engineer, Tokai Tokyo Securities Co Ltd.

Masaaki Yamada is Financial Engineer, Market Policy & Planning Department, Tokai Tokyo Securities. After working as a scientific researcher at KEK, the National Laboratory of High Energy Physics, that promotes basic science using a device called an accelerator, Masaaki began his business career in the financial industry as a quantitative analyst in 1987 to apply his engineering expertise in financial markets. Since then, he has been leading the industry in quantitative modeling and financial engineering for over a quarter century.

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