Susan Marmor

Private Investor and Educator

Susan has been managing her own money for nearly six years. She has a degree in Economics and Philosophy from the University of East Anglia, after which she spent nearly 25 years working in the advertising industry. She left her role as Media Director at Donovan Data Systems (DDS), a leading supplier of software systems to the advertising industry, in 2005 before starting her new life as a ‘private trader’ four months later. In 2009 Susan started educating other investors in how to use her trading techniques.

Susan has made a profit every year since she started trading, including 2008. She is risk adverse and her main goal is trading consistency. She trades frequently; positions may be held from hours to years and she doesn’t use labels to describe what she does or how she does it.

STA Monthly Meeting – April 2011 Seize the Trade

Susan will take us through some recent and current trades to demonstrate how she uses her favoured techniques to select, plan, enter and to exit her trades. All with the emphasis on simplicity.

Videos STA Meeting April 2011 – Susan Marmor

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