Paddy Osborn

Technical Analyst, BETA Group

Paddy Osborn has spent more than 20 years as a trader, technical analyst and technical analysis service provider. He traded Japanese Equity Derivatives at NKK before moving to TraderMade, and has recently joined BETA Group, providing seminars on TA and behavioural finance to City firms. He is also a visiting lecturer at several UK Universities.

STA Monthly Meeting March 2007 Evaluating the validity and strength of line breaks

Despite the many excellent studies and oscillators available, for Paddy “market price” is the primary indicator. In his market analysis he gives significant weight to support and resistance levels and (to a lesser extent) trend lines, particularly in relation to identifying the strength of investor sentiment around these price levels. The behaviour (illustrated by the price action) around a level – whether it breaks or holds – can give a very good indication of how prices will act around that level in the future. He will use FX, commodities and stock index charts to demonstrate how he evaluates the significance of line breaks in his market analysis.

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