Clive Lambert MSTA

Founder, FuturesTechs

Clive Lambert is a Vice Chair of the STA and serves on the Marketing Committee. Clive is the founder and director of FuturesTechs, one of the UK’s leading independent technical analysis providers. Futurestechs’ Analysis has received several Awards over the years, being consistently recognised by our peers for our research across the asset classes. In 2014 they were named “Independent Research House of the Year” at the Technical Analyst Awards. They are consistently shortlisted in several categories, taking away the top prize for “Best Independent Research for Commodities” for the 4th time in 2020 also winning the “Best Independent Research House for Fixed Income” category 3 times (2010, 2014 and 2018).

Clive has 30+ years market experience including 10 years on the LIFFE floor. He has served on the STA Board from 2004-2011 and again since December 2015 and has been both a regular conference speaker and lecturer on STA courses for many years. He frequently appears on CNBC Reuters TV & Core Finance and is regularly quoted on DJ Newswires, Bloomberg and Reuters.

His book “Candlestick Charts: An Introduction to using Candlestick Charts” is on the STA reading list and is published by Harriman House.

STA Monthly Meeting – February 2015 Advancements in Market Profile/Auction Market Theory

In his talk, Clive will discuss the evolution of the Market Profile and particularly recent advancements that are gaining traction on the other side of the pond, specifically “Auction Market Theory”; looking at “Volume at Price” data over longer time periods to establish where “Value” is for a market, and levels of acceptance for said value.

STA Monthly Meeting – January 2012 Outlook 2012

Alan Collins: Foreign Exchange
Clive Lambert: Fixed Income
Nicola Merrell: Equities
Stephanie Aymès: Commodities


STA Monthly Meeting February 2007 Futures Day Traders, and the techniques they use

In 2000 Clive set up FuturesTechs, which has built up a solid subscriber base (mainly comprising of Day Traders) for its daily service, which now covers 28 markets. Many of these clients have also benefited from Clive’s lively training seminars, which he has also presented for the STA’s education programme.

In his few years as an active member of the STA he has often been asked who these short term traders are, how they trade, and how they use technical analysis. In this talk he will attempt to unveil some of these answers and give an insight into the technical methods employed by these active traders, who, as a group, account for a sizeable chunk of daily volumes on many of the world’s leading exchanges.

STA Monthly Meeting February 2004 Candlestick Reversals - Patterns & Applications for Long Term to Intraday Charts

Clive’s main “brief” in writing his daily analysis is to KISS, and he has found that Candlestick patterns do this very well. They can be used in long and short term charts on any market, if there is an understanding of the psychology behind the myriad patterns. Clive will cover a few of the more common and important reversal patterns, (Hammers, Shooting Stars, Doji, Morning & Evening Stars and Engulfing Patterns), with examples, explaining their formation from a “psychological” point of view.

Videos STA Meeting February 2015 – Clive Lambert STA Meeting January 2012 – Panel Discussion

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