Bill Hubard


Bill graduated from the University of Virginia in 1966 and also has an MBA from the Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management, Phoenix. He first joined Morgan Guaranty on the government bond desk. After various stints as a broker to some famous names, he moved to the UK in 1997, when he joined Bloomberg. He moved onto Bloomberg TV in 1999, becoming known as the “Big Bill of the Bloomberg Big Board,” then moved to CNBC in 2003 where he was their Economics Commentator for 2 years before joining MIG Bank, a Swiss FX private bank, as chief economist in 2007. He regularly appears on CNBC-TV, the BBC world service, CNN, NDTV, Fox Business News, Sky business, Al-Jazeera and Bloomberg TV and radio (NY).

STA Monthly Meeting & Summer Party – July 2010 B-R-I-Cs to P-I-I-G-S and now M-A-V-I-N-S

The American humourist Mark Twain said more than 100 years ago that “September was a bad month for the (stock) markets, as was October, November, December etc.”

Therefore, one has to ask if you ‘darling buds of M-A-Y’ saw IT coming way back when we uttered a major sigh of relief that 2009 was finally over! Did we see the Euro falling to a 4-year low @ $1.1876, the Swiss Franc once again becoming a safe haven and what about gold…$1,250+ and going higher with bond rates falling? Well, the world’s bond markets have been telling this old fundamentalist…where is Da Inflation?

In almost 40 years in the financial markets, this has been a trying year and Bill cannot see where it will all end, but he says that there have been so many fantastic opportunities in the past 18 months – Barclays Bank/Fresnillo/Lloyds Bank/Bonds/Citigroup etc. Are the charts telling us now to BUY…”Beijing Petroleum?”

All will be revealed at the summer party, at Bill’s old stomping ground…Bloomberg.

STA Monthly Meeting & Summer Party July 2009 Guest Speaker: Bill Hubard

Bill will draw on his vast market and life experience to explain how foreign exchange markets provide the ideal platform for investors to participate in the financial markets with 100s of FX pairs available to trade 24-7 in all parts of the world and not feel constrained by having to trade instruments which are opaque. His customer base feels that they are trading on a level playing field and can make decisions based on fundamental and technical analysis and their local knowledge.

Bill will share some insights into his long and colourful career as a trader, broker and market journalist and explain his views on the US dollar.

STA Monthly Meeting & Christmas Party December 2005 Reminiscences of a Market Journalist

Bill will not discuss the minutiae of TA very much, but, in his allotted span of 30 minutes, share some insights into his long and colourful career as a trader, broker and market journalist, aka market wisdom.

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