Andrew Pancholi

Andrew Pancholi specialises in using mathematical cycles to forecast events in geopolitics and markets. He consults to some of the largest banks and institutions in the world and advises government agencies and the military. He sits on the board of the Foundation For The Study of Cycles set up by the US Presidency in 1941. The purpose of this was to see if economic crises could be forecast by time cycles and therefore prevented or their impact lessened.

He has a deep knowledge of the techniques of WD Gann and catalogued the entire Gann collection for the family that owns it.

He is the creator of the Market Timing Report and is co-author of the bestseller book Zero Hour.

Andrew’s forecasting is all based on precise mathematical concepts. Andrew works on the notion that human behaviour moves in mathematical patterns and therefore can be forecast. Nowhere is this clearer than in markets. This timing system identifies market moves and reversals in advance allowing clients to manage risk more effectively.

Andrew also has an extensive background of operating wide bodied jets as a senior instructor and brings key risk management techniques from aviation into portfolio management.

He forewarned his clients of the pandemic back in 2018 based on a series of 100 year cycle patterns which have seen such events repeat like clockwork. He also gave the exact date of the Ukraine invasion as well as forewarning of an attack on Israel during the first week of October 2023. That information was provided to his followers back in January 2023.

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