STA Monthly Meeting – January 2022

Joint Panel Debate with ACI UK and The Broker Club looking at the outlook for Cyrpto in 2022

STA AGM & Virtual Quiz – December 2021

Please note that with the new Omicron varient, the STA Christmas party has been cancelled and been replaced by a Virtual Quiz. The STA AGM will now be held online for Fellows and Full members to attend. The Quiz will […]

STA Monthly Meeting – November 2021

STA Monthly Meeting – October 2021

On Tuesday 12 October we are delighted to host our first in-person monthly meeting for over 18 months. Our guest speaker for this momentous occasion is Anthony Cheung, a highly respected market voice in the financial arena. The talk will […]

STA Monthly Meeting – September 2021

Joint STA/ACI UK Meeting – July 2021

STA & ACI UK DEBATE – 2021 OUTLOOK: MID YEAR REVIEW At the mid-year mark in an ever changing environment, the STA and ACI UK  are reconvening its expert panel of fundamental and technical analsysts to review an update their […]

STA Monthly Meeting – June 2021

During the presentation, Alexander will focus on the geometrical and mathematical aspects of that theory, developed by W. D. Gann more than 100 years ago. He will talk about long- and short-term predictive charting using cycles, where the relation between […]

STA Monthly Meeting – May 2021

STA Monthly Meeting – April 2021

Live Webinar with Tom Bundgaard.

STA Monthly Meeting – March 2021

STA Monthly Meeting – February 2021

STA Monthly Meeting – January 2021

STA & ACI UK DEBATE – 2021 OUTLOOK: FUNDAMENTAL VS TECHNICAL PERSPECTIVE Join the STA and ACI UK for what promises to be an interesting and lively debate on the economic outlook for financial markets participants in 2021. Our panel […]

STA Monthly Meeting December 2020: Virtual Quiz

The STA AGM will be followed by a special Virtual Quiz – open for all members to join.

STA AGM 2020: Fellows & Full Members only

The Thirty Fourth Annual General Meeting of the Society of Technical Analysts Limited will be held at 6.30pm on Tuesday 8 December via Webinar. Only Fellows and Full members are invited to this event and able to vote. AGM papers […]

STA Monthly Meeting November 2020

Steven Goldstein, Managing Director, Alpha R Cubed will be interviewing Jack Schwager in this virtual ‘fireside chat.’

STA Monthly Meeting – October 2020

Charlie will examine Bitcoin to see how it fits within a multi asset framework. Many have described it as the new gold, but the evidence is tenuous. He will also look at how bitcoin lends itself to trend following strategies, which are improved by signals from the underlying blockchain activity.

STA Monthly Meeting – September 2020

Tail hedging does not necessarily involve options and the annoying time decay of premium. Dr Chan will discuss how his fund utilizes a simple intraday trend-following strategy called Tail Reaper to generate enormous alpha during market crises, and explain how machine learning can help reduce premium burn.

STA Monthly Meeting – July 2020

Via Webinar

STA Monthly Meeting – June 2020

During the course of this presentation you will learn how markets and geopolitics repeat with absolute precision. You will know how to forecast forthcoming panics and booms.

Andrew Pancholi predicted the 2007 global financial crisis using this methodology along with the commodity bull runs of 2008 and 2010. He also believes that we are in a modern day revolution.

You will learn how Trump, Brexit and global polarisation mathematically tie in to the rise of Hitler, Karl Marx and the European revolutions as well as the American revolution. In turn, you know what financial and geopolitical cycles are coming together right now and how they are affording us the greatest opportunities of our lifetimes.

Pancholi’s work as author of The Market Timing Report has been globally recognised and he consults to some major institutions and administrations. He sits on the board of The Foundation for the Study of Cycles.

STA Monthly Meeting – May 2020

Via Webinar